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Please note that this is a part-time business so I may not be available at all times to respond quickly to emails & telephone calls (as I do have other stuff to do sometimes!). The best way to contact me is by email, as I may not be able to answer the phone but will always answer emails (eventually!).  I no longer trade at shows, now I trade online only or with the occasional caller by appointment.






I stock most of the popular thread sizes of press-in wheel studs in standard & extra long for race & thick-centred alloy wheels. I also carry a limited range of specific wheel studs for US vehicle OEM applications.

Various studs in 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 12mm & 14mm threads are available in different lengths to suit different applications. In all cases the length measurement is as shown in the diagram below, from under the head to the tip of the stud. In all cases, the critical measurement is the diameter of the spline section (where it passes through the hub). Where there is no direct replacement with the identical spline diameter, it will be neccessary to utilise the next size up stud & ream your hubs to suit.
Please note that there are many more variations in wheel studs sizes than there are with wheel nuts.
Stop Press: Just arrived are Currie Enterprises screw-in wheel studs. Unlike conventional press-in studs, these screw in from the back of the hub & were primarily used by racecars, although several aftermarket hub assemblies now use them. At present I only have 1/2" x 20 unf thread in 2" (50mm) & 3" (76mm) lengths. They come with a special hardened washer & have a 19mm hex head that is only 3/16" thick, to allow room behind the hub to clear brake calipers etc.
Prices range from £2.50 ea (incl. VAT).
P & P extra.

Press-in wheel studs are measured from under the head to the tip. NB, the serations or splines under the head (in this example) are there to prevent rotation in the hubs when removing or tightening the wheel nuts, they do not have to match up with any such grooves found in the holes in the hubs.  The location, length & diameter of these splines can vary tremendously even within the same model range of some vehicles, so care must taken when looking for replacements or extra-long versions as not all will be available for a straight-forward fit & may involve re-drilling or reaming of the existing holes to accomodate them.

I also carry 1/2" unf press-in studs similar to Jaguar which are standard length 1-5/8".

I can also supply conversion studs, which will convert threaded hubs to stud & nut type, both UK & US sourced ones (for the hard to find 1/2" unf). Note that the overall length includes a section that screws into the hubs & also a blank section before the nut section (varies, ask for specific details). Please allow for this when selecting your desired length.

These are USA sourced conversion studs & have an Allen hex drive in the end to aid installation.

I only stock some of the above studs (sourced from the USA) as they are the only source of imperial thread studs. These studs have a hex drive (allen key) system to enable them to be fitted more easily, none of the UK sourced ones have this facility.
I do stock the last one in the above list, that converts 14mm threaded hubs (VW etc) to 12mm studs to enable specific wheel nuts to be used to fit certain types of wheels, that would otherwise be impossible. This specifically applies to Wolfrace slot mags where the correct wheel bolts are no longer manufactured & this is the only way to fit them to early VW hubs.
Please contact me for more details & prices.

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