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Wheel nuts for steel wheels are usually Acorn type with a 60 degree taper seat as shown here. However, more modern alloy wheels also use these types where the holes in the wheels are too small for sleeve nuts to fit into.

There are two types of these taper seats, plain & bulge, with different tops available, dome, flat or 2 piece plus plain open ended ones.

Thread sizes available (not in all styles) are 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 12 x 1.25mm, 12x1.5mm & 14mm x 1.5. Plus some in 1/2" LH thread for Mopar applications.

Plain open acorn nuts start at 50p ea, bulge nuts start at £1.00 ea up to £2.00 ea for the Long Bulge acorns.

Below are plain acorn taper seat nuts in various styles & sizes.

Below are bulge acorn nuts in various styles & sizes.

NB. Prices quoted include VAT
P & P is extra (ask for quote).

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