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Please note that this is a part-time business so I may not be available at all times to respond quickly to emails & telephone calls (as I do have other stuff to do sometimes!). The best way to contact me is by email, as I may not be able to answer the phone but will always answer emails (eventually!).  I no longer trade at shows, now I trade online only or with the occasional caller by appointment.





Alloy wheel nuts are usually the sleeve type, with a shank which fits inside the wheel hole to locate the wheel. A variety of styles & sizes are available including dome top, 2 piece & flat top (as shown above left). Please note that I do carry all diameters of sleeves including 5/8" & 3/4" plus the odd 41/64" size peculiar to Wolfrace. There are also several different lengths of sleeve available, from short (0.33") to SST or Revolution (1.38").  Don't worry about sizes being in Imperial, I do have a comprehensive conversion chart to enable me to cross-reference between imperial, decimal imperial & metric.

There is also a combination type which has a sleeve and a taper seat for specific applications such as ARE Torq Thrust 11 (as above right hand photo), these nuts are the "ET" range.

Some alloy wheels now use the acorn style nut as used on steel wheels, where the holes through the wheels are too small for sleeve nuts to fit.

Available in all popular threads (including some in LH) & also as open-ended for racing applications.

Stop press: Just in are these sleeve nuts, similar to the ET syle but they have a standard 11/16" diameter sleeve & the standard 60° taper seat integral to the hex.  Available only in 1/2" x 20 UNF & 12mm x 1.5 metric threads only.  The sleeve length is 25mm or 1" long & the hex is 19mm (3/4"), overall height is 48mm or 1-7/8".

Some wheels utilise a taper-seat nut called a "tuner" or tube nut (details below), for wheels that have a slim, deep hole that the nut has to fit into, where a conventional wheel brace or socket cannot fit. Tuner nuts use an internal hex drive system that allows them to be fitted in these cases.

Wheel bolts for certain applications are also stocked or can be obtained to order, as can conversion studs, see the appropriate pages for further details.

Sleeve nuts start at £2.00 ea. (inc plain flat washer) up to £3.00 ea. (inc washer). Special application washers also available at extra cost (see washer page)
See below for more detailed images and specifications.

The following nuts are UK sourced & are suitable for the wheels shown in their descriptions. Sleeve size refers to the diameter, shank refers to length although now these nuts are approx 0.7" (18mm).

These nuts have extra long sleeves of approx 1-3/8" (35mm).

Wolfrace nuts have a sleeve length of approx 5/8" (15mm).


NB: Due to our supplier discontinuing these nuts & washers, there is now a limited supply available, particularly of the 41/64" size. Should supplies of a particular thread size become unavailable, it is recommended that either the wheel holes be bored out to 11/16" or 11/16" nuts machined down to 41/64".  Once an alternative supplier/manufacturer can be found then we will resume stocking them.


Various other model-specific applications available.
OEM style with S/S caps various fitments
NB. All prices include VAT.
P & P is extra (ask for quote).

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