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Please note: I will be closing down my business shortly & will be selling off my entire stock including all the racking, shelving, packaging materials etc.  If anyone is interested in purchasing any or all of it, plus this website at a bargain price then please get in touch. Full help & advice will be given to any prospective purchasers of the whole stock. In the meantime any further orders received will now also be at a bargain price too.


Please note that this is a part-time business so I may not be available at all times to respond quickly to emails & telephone calls (as I do have other stuff to do sometimes!). The best way to contact me is by email, as I may not be able to answer the phone but will always answer emails (eventually!).  I no longer trade at shows, now I trade online only or with the occasional caller by appointment.


The first thing you will need to know is what type of seat your wheels have, ie what profile there is around the stud holes, see the illustrations below........ note that these illustrations are of wheel bolts, but the same principle applies equally to wheel nuts.

Flat seats are self explanatory (I hope!), rounded is more commonly called radius (or ball seat) & taper seats are normally 60°. The only exception to this is Wolfrace who used a shallow 30° taper in some of their slot mags (for which there are specific nuts & washers available, see the alloy wheel page).

Also, some wheels with flat seats have a washer recess around the stud holes & some wheels are unilug (elongated hole to accomodate several pcd sizes). There are specific unilug washers available for these applications. Certain alloy wheels also have different diameter holes & need sleeve bore sizes such as 5/8", 11/16", 3/4" etc. & these need careful & precise measuring to avoid mistakes in ordering. Also some wheels have either thin or thick centres & there are various lengths of sleeves to suit, so they need measuring as well.
Then next, you need to know the thread size & pitch, ie. 7/16" or 1/2" x 20 unf, 12mm x 1.5 etc. Take a look here for a reference guide for pcd & thread sizes. Please note that the only Imperial threads available are UNF, no BSF or Whitworth can be sourced.
With this information you can now select your correct wheel nuts using the following pages, by clicking on the appropriate buttons to the left.
Please note that I do not stock just US style wheel nuts, but also carry ranges for British & European wheels & vehicles, including Wolfrace, Revolution, Mamba, Cobra & many more.
I also carry a limited range of wheel bolts, further details on request.
Note that "steel wheel nuts" & "alloy wheel nuts" refer to the wheels they are designed to fit & not the material the nuts are made of. Certain alloy nuts are available upon request but stainless steel are not.

I do not carry all the sizes & products shown on the individual pages, these illustrations are copied directly from the manufacturers concerned & show all the variations they offer. Due to economics, I do not stock every item as some are rarely if ever requested &, as in the case of the US sourced ones, require substantial order quantities to enable me to stock them economically.


The majority of nuts shown on this website are sourced from the USA & their part nos are usually 4 digit ones, eg #5101, all others come from the UK & usually have a letter & number, eg #SN34.


Please note that there are no prices shown on my website, this is due to the majority of stock being sourced from abroad & therefore subject to fluctuating exchange rates.  Having said that, I haven't changed my prices substantially for the last few years.  A quick email or phone call however, will always provide the current price of any product.

Please note that I cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies in the manufacturers dimensions as stated here. All dimensions are as published by the individual manufacturers of the products & are reproduced here in good faith.
Please contact me for further details or to ask any questions, all my contact details are shown on the "contact" page.
Stop Press: New additions to the wheel stud range are now in stock, check on that page for details.

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